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How To Train Your Dragon Review VIDEO

How to Train Your Daragon Review from http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/

First things first: “How To Train Your Dragon” is a DreamWorks film — which means you can expect the animation to be stellar (and from what early viewers have said, that maxim holds true here). The film, which is based on a book by British author Cressida Cowell, stars Jay Baruchel as a Viking teen and Gerard Butler as his father. Baruchel lives on an island where the culture is slaying dragons, which poses a problem when he befriends one. People are saying good things about the movie. Read them below.

“At times, How to Train Your Dragon is like a Harry Potter film with less clutter. It has winningly Potteresque teen-dragon-slayer classes, a queen-bee dragon as grand as Godzilla, and a layer of age-of-terror allegory about the ignorance bred by jingoism.” [Owen Gleiberman, EW]

Kid stuff? Maybe. But How to Train Your Dragon, from the book by Cressida Cowell, works enough miracles of 3-D animation to charm your socks off.” [Peter Travers, Rolling Stone]

Nevertheless, the film is an engaging yet bloodless adventure with a sterling message about meeting the enemy and discovering that he is us (to paraphrase Pogo). The swarming dragon attacks may truly frighten the littlest viewers, but the depiction of the pleasures of flight and the conquering of one’s fears should make How to Train Your Dragon a perennial delight.” [Marjorie Baumgarten, Austin Chronicle]

“Although this movie is from the same studio as “Shrek” and “Madagascar,” it’s not quite a jokey romp. There’s a tender kinship between Hiccup and Toothless, and while the character designs are almost as rubbery as “Wallace and Gromit,” the torchlight cinematography by the legendary Roger Deakins underscores the harshness of North Sea survival.” [Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

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