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In the movie “Shutter Island”, what psychological disorder was the main character suffering from?

I am writing a paper on psychological disorders present in the movies for a class. I want to do my paper on the movie “Shutter Island”. what psychological disorder do you think the main character (U.S. Marshal Edward “Teddy” Daniels aka Leonardo DiCaprios’ charachter ) was suffering from? I would like to think he was [...] http://bit.ly/dwFC0v


hey, what a coincidence, Im also doing a paper on it.
the movie didnt really give enough background information to his disorder, up until the last few minutes of the movie, and here's what i think he has;
1.) Dissociative Amnesia; Generalized, Continuous and Systemized Amnesia(all of which extremely rare and that indicates that he might have Dissociative Identity Disorder(aka MPD))
2.) Dissociative Fugue
3.) Schizophrenia

Hope that helps.

could you also post what you think he has?

Teddy could not have been suffering from Schizophrenia because he was way too socially acceptable and his ideas were not overly bizarre.

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